Hey there! The latest news is already on the channel. Are you with us? 🙂 Today we shall install the muzzles, thus we finish work on the exhaust line and show you the operation of the air suspension (air bag system).

Also we have received many comments that the wheels are placed too deep in the arch. Today we are going to show the found solution and will go for a drive.

Let’s go!

The wheel track

So, the reaming of the wheel track.

We have to increase the wheel track for 20 cm. The easiest way to do this is to use wide spacers of 10 cm and that’s all.

But there is also one nuance that if we choose this way, our hub bearings will sling out every ten thousand kilometers.

Therefore, we ordered from the turner this kind of spacer, which will stand under the hub. Thus, we achieve the desired width.

And now we need to disassemble and install all of that.

Here are our hub and internal spacer.

Both the spacer and the hub have drilled holes.

In our situation the spacer just increases the thickness of the body of the hub, thereby widening the wheel track.

And from this side, we still had to install the adapter spacer, because we have 5,114 pitch circle diameter of hub, and 5,112 diameter of wheels.

Therefore, we used a 30 mm adapter, thus we got the offset of wheels we needed. Now we will just gather it and see what happens.

Like the hub, the inner spacer also has collar, which is included in the clutch.

Also it is bolted and construction is fixed tightly.

Mounting the wheel

So, we have installed both spacers.

Now it remains to mount the wheel, but as long as it is removed, we have the opportunity to show you what the air holder looks like.

This is our native Eclipse front and rear shock dampers. We sent them for rework in a company that deals with air suspension and short strokes.

The stroke of the holder

Now we will show you the stroke of the holder without a wheel.

We will jack the car down. The holder will shrink. After that we will pump air into it and see how it rises.

Come on Igor, lower it down!

So, we see that the holder has shrunk. Now we pump air into it, and it should be released.

What’s inside the trunk

We placed the compressor, valve assembly, receiver and control unit of the air bag in the trunk.

Installing the muzzles

So, before leaving, it remains for us to install the muzzles, which we have searched for so long in order to find the most similar to the Lamborghini Gallado ones.

Drive test

We finished everything that was planned. More precisely, Igor did, because I was absent for a while.

And now let’s drive.

We will try to find some deep holes and potholes to test the undercarriage of the car. Those match pretty well.

Air bag is raised and you can see how the holder works.

It works on each pothole. Nothing rattles or knocks anywhere. Everything goes smoothly and softly. And the holes are deep enough.

Measuring the suspension

So we have tested the pothholes.

Now we have air bags raised. We keep driving to the asphalt road.

Now we will lower the car to the working position, in which it will drive on regular roads, where there are no holes.

Let’s measure the suspension travel in the upper position and in the lower position. In the upper position, we have 22 cm.

And in the lower position we have something about 6.5-7 cm.

So here is our short driving.

If you want us to go to the vehicle testing ground and drive there, then write a comment below and do not forget to subscribe to the channel.



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