Hello! In the previous episode we were showing how we cut this wing with the help of CNC equipment. More details about СNС equipment you can find in our telegram channel and in other posts on website.  

More than a week has passed since the time when we made the rest of the body elements. In fact, this is how the full-size disassembled Mustang model looks like.

We have glued just some of these elements together. Today we will continue to assemble this construction set and in the end of this post you will see the assembled Mustang model.

Making the foundation

Plastic foam sheets

Before we begin to assemble the model, we need to make a hard base to which the body parts will be attached.

This is done to ensure that the geometry of the body is not destroyed. Also, in order to prevent the body from being loosely attached (to make it fastened firmly), we could take it and move it if we need this.

Since we have a 3D model of Mustang, we know the dimensions of the interior space of the body.

On the basis of these dimensions, we will make a body from the plastic foam sheets, on which we will assemble our model.

First of all, we will stick these sheets together on the flat surface.

Bond all sheets

Here we got 4 big plates like this.

Now we will fix them together and we will get a body to which the parts will be attached. You will need glue, a screwdriver and self-drilling screws.


In order to make the construction form and prevent it from moving to the left or right, we need to assemble these diagonals inside.

Body assembling

So, we have assembled the foundation for our Mustang. Due to the internal partitions, it turned out very strong and almost monolithic.

Next, we need to use its upper part as a table board. This is necessary in order to assemble 5 main segments, into which we have divided the body model. These are the two side parts, the hood, the roof and a trunk with back racks.

3D printing the missing part

In the process of assembling, it turned out that we were lacking one part.

We have missed it and we did not make the bottom of the right side of the door and the wing. Well, that´s ok, let’s make them now.

Here we’ve made the missing part. We can continue our work.

We have finally finished assembling the main parts of our body. Now they have to be fixed together.

Installing parts together

Let’s start with the roof. We will install the roof at the height necessary for us, so that later it will be more convenient to work with the model.

Then we need to connect the rear wings with the roof. After that we should install a trunk. Proceeding from this back part, we need to install the sidewalls. We finish everything with installing the hood.

But before we start, we need to set the base (our body) with the level. To do this, we use a laser level.

In order to fix, we temporarily put the cargo on the top.

Fixing using foam

Sheets for the car roof

Now we need to install the sheets and fix them to each other, but at the moment we should not attach them to this basis to make it possible to move the structure.

Installing the sides parts

Installing the hood

And now let´s install a cowl panel in the hood to see a line of windshield.

A cowl panel is the plastic part that is installed between the windshield and the hood of the car. It protects the car filter from the melted snow in winter and from the leaves in autumn as well as from excessive moisture, rain and other seasonal conditions.

Final result


After the week of assembling, we finally put everything together.

Now we have to polish the body and level all the surfaces. After that we will try the original body parts of the Mustang.

We will see if there are any discrepancies between the original and the prototype created on the basis of 3D model. We will do this in the next post, but for today that’s it.

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