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And at the end of the video, we will show the process of making this seat.


Let’s read the most popular comment:

“You guys showed more information and action in 10 minutes than Strekalovsky did in 27 episodes.”

Well, guys, as for Strekalovsky, I would ask you not to compare our project with the project of Strekalovsky, Komarov or any other replica-makers, because everyone has a different approach, different possibilities and project goals.

No need to post negative comments about other bloggers and their projects to our video. If you have something to say to them, then go to their channel and write it there, because in this way it looks shabby.

“How goes it under the hood?”

It is not bad, because we did not move the TV and even the bumper remains on its factory position.

Igor: “The root line of the side window is moved closer to the motor and that is why now it is not very convenient to get to the tail end of the engine.

Yes, we have thought over this moment. We welded this bar from above, but cut out three small bores.

Therefore, it is possible to get easily to the tail end of the engine and to the glasses to unscrew the holders there. Everything remained in its place.

Igor: Upper longitudinal side member and splasher affixment remain. We neither lowered nor moved them anywhere. Longitudinal side members remained, the TV remained, all under the hood. We will transfer the car battery in the trunk only, because we need to put a trapeze for the screen-wiper there.

Let’s move on.

“… on the CNC machine that we purchased for this and for the NEXT project!” Yeah))) So what is this your next project?”

We’ll talk about it at the end of this post.

“It seems to me that I have seen such a car project in Odessa. Could this be?”

As far as I know, in Odessa, they have made the Lamborghini Reventon from Eclipse. But there it was a completely different project.

“A 4-seater, front-wheel drive Lamborghini Gallardo. That’s unusual for sure. :)”

Igor: Yes, it is unusual. As Maxim have already said, our project pursues its own goal. We make the car specifically for rental. Therefore, we chose a 4-seater variant.

We specifically were searching for a cabriolet.

Igor: “We get lot of comments that we have made the front-wheel drive and front-engine car. We couldn’t make a rear or middle engine car according to the concept of our project, since it had to be a 4-seater. Four-wheel drive, because we have a front-engine car. So we needed to choose a car which could have the all-wheel drive in theory.

Yes, but we also needed to find a car with the most similar wheelbase so as not to cut it in half, not to widen and not to narrow it. Therefore, we have chosen Eclipse. We could install the all-wheel drive on Eclipse, because there are some relatives of it among other cars.

Igor: “Indeed, all Mitsubishi’s gear boxes are standard and the same and they all fit to the engine. Therefore, you can install the all-wheel drive gear box and rear gearbox gear system.”

Yes, so you can either take a full SVAP kit (engine and a gearbox, let’s say from Evolution), or just install some box on this engine and to take power to the back axle.

Considering our choice of making the project on the donor, and not on the space frame. There are several criteria. We do not want to make some kind of buggy on pipes with an odd suspended span, which could be some sort of hodgepodge.

We want to leave the maximum of plant characteristics to the car, calculated by the engineers at the factory. So that it could be possible to get into the car and drive, say 500km, 1000km or 2000km without any troubles.

We didn’t want it to be either karting or buggy. Why? Because we didn’t want it to remain useless in the garage after the project is completed.

Also, a car welded of pipes cannot be registered according to the law. It is simply impossible to drive on it on public roads either. It is also not  allowed to buy the documents from some home-made car and attach the car number on this frame because it is a crime.

Our car will be registered. All redesign will be itemized in the MSO. Everything will be formalized. We are going to make a separate video episode about the registration of our car.

“The Lamborghini’s rear wheels should be a diameter larger than the front ones, if the front wheels have the diameter of 19, then the rear should have 20, otherwise it looks badly.”

The Gallardo has discs of diameter 19. It is Aventador that has rear wheels of diameter 20 or 21 and the front wheels of diameter 19, i.e. they differ by inch. And the Gallardo has disks of the same size everywhere.

“Very cool, but you should make a video about yourself too. I mean, about who you are and what you do. Is there a big team involved in the project? It would be interesting to know, your Lamba looks awesome!”

Do you want to know if our team big? Well, it is big! You can see it all sitting on this couch 🙂

Igor and I have worked over 5 years in the service station. I am a colourer and cartwright, and Igor is a machine man. After we left the service station, we opened our workshop, where we were engaged in various tuning projects.

“The headlights are straight fire! Tell me more about the bulk plastic! What type of it did you use?? Thanks for the answer :)”

We used the plastic produced by the American Smooth-On company. This is generally a transparent plastic. We used the same, only the black-colored type of it. The black one is heat resistant. We also used Alcorsil 325 for silicone.

It is ordinary Chinese molding silicone. We could use the same silicone made by the Smooth-On company, because it is more replicable, but it is much more expensive too.

“And what is the matrix itself made of on which you put the glass in with a vacuum vessel?”

We made the matrix of fiberglass, i.e. it is exactly the same cast. There we need 6 layers of the glass mat. The matrix itself is very thick, I mean, this mold.

“Varnish will definitely burn out on the flashlights.”

No, the varnish will not burn out on the flashlights, because we add ultraviolet protection against burnout of pigments to the varnish.

“It is not Gaiardo, but Gallardo”

The correct pronunciation for this Lamborghini is “HaYa-rdo”. This is one of the most dangerous types of bulls.

“I have only one question: what kind of board was installed and where did you get it!? Or did you etch it into and solder it yourself?”

Yes, we cut it out from textolite, transferred there tracks, etched and did everything ourselves.

“Do you plan to create any other sport cars in future, and if so, then which car will it be? I would like to see Diablo or Murcielago, or maybe Aventador in your performance.”

We definitely will not do Aventador and Murcielago. Probably we won’t do anything with lambs any more. There will be other projects, but for now we prefer to keep them in secret.

“How much did you pay for all the necessary equipment and the processed materials for the project?”

It is difficult to calculate the exact amount. I would say it is not possible at all. Milling machine cost is about 200 thousand rubles, 3D printer is about 15 thousand rubles.

We made the vacuum vessel ourselves, and bought heaters with pipes for the amount of about 5 thousand rubles. We also already had the homemade pipe bender too. What else did we use? A drill, an angle grinder and a hammer. I guess, that’s all. We make machines ourselves too in case of need.

“I have a question too (adequate): as we all can see, you two are really handy craftsmen. You so clearly made the headlights and tail lights yourself, but why did you decide not to transfer the donor’s engine to the base from the original? It seems that the replica for you is headlights, moldings and inscriptions, as well as other external similarities. But first of all the replica is the engine, the number of cylinders, horsepowers, gearbox, drive, etc. That’s what a replica is. Conceivably, if you create headlights and tail lights grassroot, then you should also start with pouring the engine block from aluminum. I would like to look at that! And in your case you pay too much unnecessary attention to details, but make a front-engine car.”

I think our car is not a replica, but a copy. The replica is something which is similar in appearance to the original. There is a replica of some watches, a replica of phones, but everyone understands that the copy has only an external resemblance, and the filling will be completely different.

“Was Ilya Strekalovsky the one to push you for the production of lamba?”

No, we started doing it earlier.

“Why did you choose Gallardo for the project, instead of more modern model?”

We have chosen it because of its design. If to take the Aventador as the basis and make it a 4-seater car, then it will look like something quite miserable.

Huracan rises its ass upwards as well.

The Spyder Gallardo’s trunk line flows to the door more horizontally, like on simple cabriolets. Nothing rises upward here.

“Why is there no advertising? Take the advertising for your project, but do not become impudent)”

There will be advertising, because the production of videos is expensive. We build everything on our own dimes. There are no sponsors. Therefore, in order to develop the channel, we will take advertising, but we will not be impudent.

“Your replica is good, but have you ever thought of making your own supercar? Or a kit package for rework with your own design and brand?”

Maybe. Everything is possible in future.

“And what about the exhaust system? Does it sound like the roar of the engine?”

Igor: “We tried to install several tins. Finally, we made a homemade tin. She is not very pretty, but we like the sound now. In the next video episodes, we drive out and you will listen to it.”

“The production process shows that the car parts are not made just for one machine, aren’t they?

Igor: “No, the car will be one, made in one copy. Anything can happen on the road, there are all sorts of situations and we need the spare parts for the subsequent maintenance of the car.”

“How much money and time was spent on the project at the moment? How much more will you need to spend?”

It is difficult to count that. At the moment, we have spent about 700 thousand rubles ($10.000), taking into account the donor, body and all other works. It is difficult to say how much more we shall spend, but it can be said for sure that it will not be spent more than a million rubles.

“Please, present us with the overview of the vacuum unit and spray for chemical metallization)))”

We will make the video episode with the overview of the vacuum unit. As for the sprayer for metallization, its work is visible in the video.

“Can I order a replica from you?”

We do not create custom-built replicas.

“I like everything you do, it is really cool. Though I have question about metallization. Is it done only on the diodes? Does it burn out on halogens? Can you restore either halogen or xenon like that?”

You can restore the reflectors either for halogen bulbs, or for xenon ones.

“But what about the turn signal repeaters? And the seats? When will they be ready? I would like to see the result) How long will the project last?”

Of course we will make the signal repeaters too. They will be installed in our bumpers. As for the seats, Nikolai still finishes them. When will they be ready? In about two weeks I guess. How long will the project last? We have a deadline of spring 2019.

“What is the cost of all the headlights?”

The cost is about 3000-4000 rubles for a single headlight.

“Are you planning to sell kit sets, and not all at once, but in batches? I mean, first you sell ground effects, then optics, etc. It should be done to make it easier to redeem what you need at the moment … And maybe you can write a price-list right away? For example, front headlights = price, rear lights = price, ground effects = price, etc. ???”

Igor: “Right now we are not planning to sell anything. Of course, in the future our plans can change.”

“By the way, I wonder how you managed to make lambo cabriolet (roadster) from the body of the lamba coupe?”

It’s simple. We sawed off the roof.

Basically the rear panels on a cabriolet and on a simple coupe have a similar shape. Therefore, there was nothing complicated in it.

“Shouldn’t the turn signal have to shine in a wave? You have made it just to blink, and in the original (if I am not mistaken) we can see a wave coming from the center of the headlamp to its end. I mean, it is the same option as the last Lexus model has.”

No, it should not. At Gallardo, the turn signal just blinks.

“There is an adequate question: what LEDs do you use for flashlights? Why did you decide that there would be enough lighting for back run? In my opinion, it is rather dim.”

We used DIP LEDs. We tried to choose the very good, expensive and bright models.

As for the rear lighting, it just seems dim in the photo. If you turn it on indoors or take it out in the evening, they shine brightly. Maybe we will specially show it later.

So, finally we answered the main questions.

And now we will show process of making our seat.


We have a fiberglass muzzle.

We installed it on a wooden frame. Further we are going to put our seat on it.

Igor: we also need to estimate the wheel in the arch and shorten the back of the splash board so that the seat could be installed in a more compact way.

After we shorten the splash boards, we will have to polish and paint everything.

Let’s go!


Shortening the back





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