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We have the Eclipse upholstery, and we need to make it look like Lamborghini interior to the greatest possible extent.

Style which we like

In the central part of the upholstery Lamborghini has an inset.

We decided to re-upholster it with white materials, since we will have the combined, black and white interior.

And Eclipse doesn’t have this insert, so we will need to make it. Today I will show you how I made such an insert using the passenger door as an example. I’ve already made it for the driver’s door.

Also, in contrast to Eclipse, Lamborghini has a very massive door handle.

We ordered a 3D model of this handle. When it is ready, we will print it with the help of a 3D printer. Also we will remove the matrix and make it from fiberglass.

Upholstery master

As I said in the first post, we’ve already taken the part of the interior to the atelier for re-upholstery.

Today I got a call from Nikolai, interior upholstery master. He asked me to visit him and approve the final version of seats.

That’s why we have the opportunity to show you how the seats look like before the upholstery and tell you a little bit about how we made them.

Let’s go!

Nikolai’s workshop

So we came to Nikolai’s workshop and brought him our seats. As for materials, we’ve chosen 2 colors: bright white and very dark grey.

Nikolai (later on N): So yes, these will be our centers, accordingly.

Мaxim (later M): We will have a white middle part quilted with rhombuses.

N: It will also be made with white, not black, threads, so there will be no contrast.

М: The sides will be black with white hemming cord.

Seat backs

As for the top part, we changed the shape of the seat backs, cut off their corners, they were raised too much here, you can see it in the photos.

Here we will make the center straight so that it is not…

N: Well, yes, we will cut it here, in fact, and instead of… well, originally Eclipse has a semicircle here, but we will make it straight.

Accordingly, here we will cut the corners a little bit, and the seam, which will be directed not as it was before, but it will be… well, maybe there will be a slight incline, so that it will completely…

Most likely, here it might be even necessary to add foam in some places, well, to get rid of holes. Here you have one form, and here it is cut off and it becomes softer because there is no upper, fixing, layer.

М: Can we cut off a smaller part?

N: Well, damn, okay, there’s no getting away from this (laughs). But the trouble is that it will be necessary to make the templates. Here we have almost…

Mission not impossible

М: So will you be able to do it?

N: Yeah, why not?

N: Well, for a very long time I’ve been looking for a workshop that would be able to carry out all these works, but as soon as people heard that there would be a non-standard form of seats and they would have to make templates from scratch and to make these seats look like the ones in Lamborghini, they all immediately refused, not even naming the price.  

N: You see, there’s always a trouble with it because this could be, let’s say a test version, made not even from your materials. In the beginning, the templates will be made, then all this should be shifted to the faux leather.

М: Is it really necessary to shift the templates to the faux leather?

N: YES! Of course, if you are ready to pay for the materials again, then no problem (laughs). Just in order not to spoil the materials, in any case, there are some remnants… let them even be multi-colored: a piece of black, a piece of red, a piece of white material, it is necessary just to understand if it will fit.

Then you will need to shift them here with the help of these templates that are already stretched.

Top part

М: Actually, we did not change the form of the part near the head restraint, here we welded in such inserts in order to attach these sticks. Here it will also follow this line…

N: Black head restraint, white edging.

М: Everything should match.

N: Will it look like this?

М: Even a little bit higher… well, like this.

N: Well, approximately. But, in fact, the longest thing to do will probably be this one (seat backs).

Time and questions

М: How much time will you need? When should we bring a car dashboard?

N: Well, in general, according to the latest data, the whole interior, including the doors and the dashboard, is made approximately within a month.

М: And to proceed from… and to finish working with the dashboard… what should be the gap between these patches, there is… the dashboard is quite simple, but there is a patch on top of it, plus a center console fits in, it fits in very tightly and this board is inserted… and how much space should be there?

N: Well, look, it is one millimeter thick… yes, exactly, one millimeter. And, accordingly, if we make it with a bent end, you will already have 2. If the dashboard is attached, then it is easier to prepare it right away to avoid cutting it later…

М: In the place where the center console is going to fit, I will do something like this… here and here… and I’ll try to put it in.

N: Yes, it’s better than to cut the material later… The material as well, in general, it can be cut off.

М: Cut off?

N: Yeah. To the paper.

М: Do you want to polish it? Well, it’s not very… And where it will be tight… won’t it like… creak when you drive?

N: I have not yet heard anyone saying that after the upholstery something is creaking.

М: I will bring the dashboard, we will take a closer look at everything, if you say that we will need to finish something, then I will bring the putty and the palette-knives…

N: The garage will just become free there…

М: Well, I can even do it outdoors, if needed… of course, if it’s not winter (laughs).

N: It will not be necessary, there’s a plenty of space there.

М: Okay then, that’s all for now, good luck!

Н: Good luck.


So, we came from Nikolai’s workshop back to our place, and now we need to proceed to the covering. I’ll tell you what we will do.

In order to make the patch for the covering, we will need the following things: a couple of brushes, masking tape, wax, a cup, a palette-knife, polyester resin, hardener, gloves, a small blank made of foam polystyrene, glass mat, and, well, a mask, but it will be inconvenient to explain.

Well, let’s get started. First of all, I will glue over the central part of the covering using the masking tape.

Making edges

So, we glued over the central part, now we will need to deal with the edges of our future patch.

To do this, we have prepared this blank made of foam. In order for the resin not to corrode the foam polystyrene, we need to glue it over with the adhesive tape.

After gluing over the blank, we should apply it to the covering. Making a straight border using the patch, we should glue it to the part.

So, we figured out everything concerning the top line of the patch, now we should deal with the remaining three lines.

Since the Eclipse covering consists of two parts and there is a seam in it, we need to seal this seam by tucking the tape inside the seam as deep as possible so that the resin does not leak into this seam.

For this we should use a palette-knife. We should take the tape, put it on the seam on one side and apply it.

On the other side we should not fasten the tape, and we need to push in into the seam with the help of the palette-knife. We need to do it carefully, so as not to tear it.

Wax, resin & glass mat layers


So, we finished gluing over the covering. After that we need to apply the wax layer on the tape.

Now we have to wait until the wax dries and then apply the resin.

Resin layer

Glass mat

We are applying the first layer of resin on the part, then we are starting to lay the glass mat.

We have prepared these ​​pieces in order to clearly mark the edges of the patch.

On the one side it is cut off, on the other side it has torn edges.

This is done to prevent the formation of the hard step on the joint of these layers later, when we apply the second or the third layer.

Once the glass mat is laid on the edges, we need to begin laying it inside.

So, we put the resin and glass mat on the part. We should leave it to dry until tomorrow. Next day we should come and take everything away.

Detaching the top part

So, the resin is dry and now we take the part out of the mold. To do this, we need to unstick the top part of the patch.

Then we should take a screwdriver, and we need to scoop up somewhere on the edge so as to hook on the part.

So, we unstuck one edge, now we should just pull out the part with our hands.

It was separated together with the tape, but it’s okay, now we will remove the tape.

So we removed all the tape, now we need to take a grinder and work with the edges of our patch.

Cutting the edges

Before starting to work, be sure to wear a mask and protective glasses.

After we have processed the edges, we can, actually, try on the patch to the door. We can see that it perfectly repeats the shape of the door.

And since we tucked the tape into this seam, the patch has the sharp edges that are inserted right there, and this seam becomes small.

Additional moments

After that we need to polish this patch, to putty it in some places, to smooth the surface.

Cut a hole for the power window control unit.

And a hole for attaching the handle.

After that, we will have to take it to the atelier and it will be upholstered with leather.

We also changed the shape of the upper part of the covering a bit, and since we remade the dashboard, we need to attach it to the dashboard so that there will be a beautiful gap.

But we will tell you more about it in the next post. And that’s it for today.

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See you!


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