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Mashinatory is a project where we make car replicas of the Lamborghini Gallardo, Mustang Shelby GT500 Eleanor. Stay tuned with latest and interesting news from your smartphone!


Shelby GT500

How to make Gallardo replica step by step:

Dashboard (#7)

Hey everyone! Today let’s go back to the conversation about the passenger compartment, but in order not to miss the...

Muzzles and air suspension (#6)

Hey there! The latest news is already on the channel. Are you with us? 🙂 Today we shall install the muzzles, thus...

How to make Eleanor replica step by step:

Body assembling process (#10)

Hello! In the previous episode we were showing how we cut this wing with the help of CNC equipment. More details about...

Body for Shelby Eleanor (#9)

Hello everyone! Starting from this post, we proceed to working on our Mustang. You can follow the release of all issues if...